I quit my job to live in France for 2.5 months.

Seated with a tall beer in this damp, warmly lit Broc’Bar in Lyon, I’m debuting my updated website with its updated blog, so: welcome! Bienvenue! I’m happy that you’re taking the time to read this.

I updated my website to reflect a new chapter in my life, one in which I’m hopeful, grateful, and open to whatever may come. This past year, after turning 27 (also my golden year, since my birthday occured on a 27th of a month), I encountered a breakthrough that it was imperative to test many assumptions, expectations, and fears that accumulated over the years. As I was entering into greater stability in my life, I felt like it was important to not fall into my comfort zone, and to remember to attempt doing things that have always seemed challenging and scary to me.

So far, what that’s looked like is that I quit my job to take some time to pursue my artistic/creative projects, and to travel. I’ve always wanted to live outside of the United States for a considerable duration of time longer than a typical vacation, so I’m in France for at least 2.5 months doing just that. I'm spending a majority of my time in Lyon, where I'm drawing, painting, exploring, writing, climbing, and meeting new people, and some of the rest travelling to the South of France, Spain, and Portugal.

It’s been less than a week since I’ve been here, and it’s been a whole experience of excitement, adjustment, anxiety, beautiful sunsets, sweaty walks, and meeting new people. And I’m so excited to see what more will unfold over the next few months.

More on that for later. As I’m soaking up this apéro hiding away from the rain outside, tucked into the interior of this cafe, yet still connected to everyone sitting outside, I’m going to spend time on one of my artistic projects.