Hello, my name is Lisa Sy. I'm an interdisciplinary digital designer, illustrator, and artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area — more specifically, Oakland.

Having worked with many people I've admired at Facebook and thoughtbot, I am now an independent freelance designer and illustrator. I bring my 7 years of professional experience from leading design in content moderation and reporting at Facebook, shipping production-ready code for numerous startups at Vim, to collaborating with good, curious folks working on compelling projects and initiatives. If you want to work together, drop me a line.

Other Things About Me

Outside of my work, I engage in other projects and practices. I maintain an active drawing and painting practice, run my webcomic Plurals and Noun, and manage a community art space out of my living room.

Additionally, since 2017, I’ve been a board member of Oakland Digital, a non-profit in Oakland focused on empowering early-career creative professionals with relevant skills and practice.

I graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in American Studies with an emphasis on Race and Ethnic Studies. While a student, I also founded and managed the premier student-run design agency called TypeClub. I was the only woman and non-engineer at Wesleyan's first hackathon in 2013. I’m proud of my liberal arts education for having exposed me to a myriad of subject matter and skillsets that push me to be a stronger designer.


James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Maggie Nelson, Robert Henri, Albert Einstein


  • Product strategy and thinking
  • UI/visual design
  • UX and interactive design
  • Front-end development
  • Written and oral communication
  • Team leader and player
  • Self-starter