Crafting products & services to help organizations prosper sustainably.

Hello I'm a digital product designer, strategist, and illustrator based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I have championed design and enhanced product experiences at places like Facebook, Dropbox, and thoughtbot.

As an independent designer, I'm eager to collaborate with good, curious folks working on compelling projects and initiatives. If you think we can work well together, feel free to reach out to me at hello[at]

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My Design Approach

Product and UX design doesn't start and end at the edges of pixelated screen. Whether I'm building new apps and services, or optimizing existing ones, I bridge the needs and opportunities between businesses/organizations and people. When I'm solving such business and user problems, I uphold these approaches and values:


Bold Visioning, Bold Listening

I want to hear you speak about your vision and your goals. Period.


Scaled Strategy

The best approaches execute well not only in the short term, but also envision a path forward. Not only do I guide my design practice around the immediate requirements, resources, and goals, but also towards the larger vision.


Intentional Process

Let me tell you something: I don't like wasting other peoples' time, nor my own. That's why each step of my work process is intentional, deliberate, and thoughtful. From meetings to stages of the design sprint, I make sure that each process will deliver certain outcomes that we've prioritized. If not, then why do them?


Creative Collaboration

It may seem unlikely, but some of the best ideas emerge when you're around people of different backgrounds who are yet comfortable enough to share their perspectives and experiences with each other. I enjoy inspiring such an environment with my team, whether I'm leading a UX session to generate new product concepts, or in a 1:1 conversation with a peer.


Outside of my professional design practice, I engage in personal and community projects. I maintain a visual arts practice, run an independent webcomic Plurals and Noun, curate art and literary events with local Bay Area artists, and volunteer with my local community.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I became a first-generation college graduate in my family when I graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in American Studies with an emphasis on Race and Ethnic Studies. There is no way for me to discredit the value of my liberal arts education emphasizing the development of foundational, interdisciplinary skills, such as writing, critical-thinking, collaboration, and reading. As a student, I founded and managed the premier student-run design agency called TypeClub. I was the only woman and non-engineer at Wesleyan's first hackathon in 2013. Since graduating, I've continued to mentor current and recent graduates to pursue careers in design and the technology sector.

Since early 2017, I’ve been a board member of Oakland Digital, a non-profit in Oakland, CA empowering early-career creative professionals with relevant skills and practice.

Lastly, I love learning new languages and exposing myself to different kinds of people, environment, and cultures! I speak English, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese to varying degrees of proficiency, and I'm currently learning Spanish.